Tim Daw Photography bio page

When it comes to photography, fancy equipment and a schooled technique can only take you so far. What makes one photographer different than another is that elusive, subjective and hard-to-quantify variable: The person behind the camera.

My main influence is geographic. I was raised in Liverpool, England in the 70s and 80’s during the class war against Thatchers Britain. There I developed a sensitivity to injustice that flavours the tone of my political photography and an accent that affords an easy passage through the United States.

I'm a people-person. I spent a long time traveling before I came to photography and am well practiced at meeting people. Making a personal connection before I poke a camera at you remains the most important part of my work.

My professional experiences have been broad and make me feel like an anthropological hobbyist. Consequently I approach my work from multiple view points--that of a traveler, chef, builder and botanist.

These are the experiences I'll bring to your project. But that's only half of the equation. Now you tell me what you need, when you need it and I'll deliver.